If you would like to create a Songtrust account please use an alternate email address.”. And don’t forget, you’re paying $10 per single and $50 per album every year just to keep them in distribution! That said, I agree 100% that you can’t just submit the tracks and trust that everything will work out. The amount of time it would take to do that would be a full time job which is why publishing administrators exist. I was recently rejected for their AWAL program, or I’d be able to tell you more. I’m not a lawyer (I think you’re supposed to say that, right? It’s hard to trust a “review” where you make money if people sign up to them through your link. Rumblefish does that too, but is mainly a music library that will license your music for super cheap. You still own 100% of your copyright. It’s not like CD Baby takes a week to distribute my material. That depends. (I acknowledge you aren’t a lawyer btw!!). BMI vs ASCAP vs SESAC: which one is for you? You can register with Sound-exchange ( for those niche digital performance royalties). Also, how does a Jamaican sign up for Songtrust? It shows 50% going to Songtrust. Just want to say Kudos to you sir. Distrokid is a distributor and Songtrust is a publishing admin, but both offer YouTube monetization. Best, But, the PROs don’t collect mechanical royalties, only performance. I’ve been reading all of these comments, and responses. The key is, with Songtrust you’re entering into an exclusive publishing ADMINISTRATION deal. But thanks for the advice about submitting tracks directly with the library. There are a few inaccuracies here. Have you done the math? I mean across all platforms, all-time. Which brings me to my main question: What exactly is the relationship between Songtrust and HFA? Anyway, I think I have recorded loads of far more engaging music, all sat on a hard drive, and I am going to have a shot at getting work as a staff writer. I hoped maybe Songtrust would dig some of that up. It sounds like you’ll make your investment back quickly, and be set for the long haul. Was looking at a way of avoiding using CD Baby Pro and your site came up. (Seeing as that is where i am from). CD Baby took money in full for the pro set-up but after many years, never paid out a single penny from the time I purchased. I've contacted CS, so far nothing.I feel completely screwed! The next year they changed their pricing structure to the current $100 plus 15% commission. I’ll do my best, but keep in mind I wrote this article three years ago and haven’t made a point of keeping up. I am a BMI affiliate and I've entered my IPI correctly but its still not working. If you need more than 50 credits, we charge 10$ per 10 songs going forward. Unless you mean TuneCore is handling digital distribution, and you also put it on the CD Baby store. I’m in the U.S., but I have a few songs getting streamed internationally (mainly Canada and the UK). ), so I wasn’t sure if SongTrust collected the same ones that Rumblefish might. Hi Ken, I think the biggest problem with soundtrust here is this venue we are speaking in. If not, what are you waiting for? My mechanical royalties through Soundtrust are pretty meager! More power to them. Are your songs showing up as registered in the dashboard? One of my clients had a bad experience with Distrokid, but that’s purely anecdotal. Thanks. I’m a member of the norwegian PRO Tono (www.tono.no). Also, thanks for making this the article that has helped so many (and continues to help so many!). Secondly, if that is the case and I am left with either TuneCore or CDBabyPro, which would you recommend for somebody who will likely not release more than a couple singles and 1 album in the foreseeable future? Songtrust - Music Publishing Royalty Collection and Administration from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, HFA, Music Reports and more. True I don’t make a lot of money on cdbaby but I have a lot of streams. It’s 99 cents minus Apple’s 30% minus CD Baby’s 9%. Do BMI and ASCAP have extra services like PRS, where they collect mechanical royalties? Cool, thanks for your info, Brian. So if I submit music directly to a music library, would I still have to register that music with a P.R.O. However it seems the same counts for Songtrust, why isn’t this mentioned: My understanding is, as you described, that CD Baby collects the domestic mechanical royalty. Creators Songwriters, producers and creators collect royalties globally from your songs while keeping 100 percent of the rights. Hi Brian, (my name is Brian too!) They don’t do what Songtrust does. They've got a weird stipulation "We have a 1-year minimum term. You’re absolutely right. Hi Jason, I recently signed up with songtrust thanks to Noelle Gambunti. I don’t have a publisher, so that portion is getting left on the table for now. Songtrust. You mentioned Songtrust and AdRev. Thanks so much for your help. If you’re already receiving both writer and publisher royalties from your PRO, and have less than 150K streams, the decision is more difficult. It would be lovely if Songtrust offered better and alternative payment options for non-US residents using their services. And SoundCloud through Premier monetization. TuneCore charges a one-time $75 fee and 15% commission for publishing administration. I get a reply that states: “A CD Baby Pro account with that email already exist. Sorry to hear you’ve had so many problems. But before I fill in all my information and attach my catalog …. I think people that are out-going enough can really make a difference. It still doesn’t feel 100% secure in my brain. Maybe not all of it? If this is your first album, I wouldn’t bother with publishing admin until you have significant overseas activity. But, I’m working with an artist who’s relatively small, but growing over time. I do really appreciate this dialog Brian . ; Businesses Get complete song performance insights and new ways to collect revenue. I do too! Using tunecore for distribution. These royalties include performance royalties paid by Performing Rights Organizations (e.g. Overall it’s been a really frustrating time with Songtrust, I do not ‘trust’ Songtrust and would warn musicians to make 100% sure they are getting the royalties they are due as my experience of them is poor customer services and very poor royalty collection. So i’m looking elsewhere and will be gradually moving everything over. If you’re regularly receiving royalties from your PRO as a writer, and don’t want to set up a vanity publishing company, then you should absolutely join Songtrust. To my knowledge, CD Baby and other Aggregators only allow for “1” account holder on a song & only provides that one Account Holder with revenue payments and sales data. (example: Did Songtrust replace your publishing company on the registration forms?). It looks like there is an option for HFA to collect outside of the US on your behalf, but that would still leave uncollected mechanical royalties from sources like Pandora and Soundcloud, etc. So question one: Is it possible to claim my royalties for works as old as 2014?? And, again, you have to import your setlists. If I sign up for Songtrust, their website says they align a writer’s registered songs with HFA. Hopefully they’ve upped their support game since! If I were in your shoes, my first call would be to your prospective PRO. I am an artiste in Nigeria about to release my song. Some western European countries pay more per 1,000 streams, some less…. ASCAP just uses the song title, they use ISRC codes, audio fingerprinting, metadata, and the song titles so they find more of my plays. Glad to hear it Jonas! I suppose it would depend on what kind of publishing deal you got, but assuming they didn’t want to take over admin, and solely based on my own experience, yes, Songtrust would then be listed as admin publisher. Does the DMP sync pitch team get access to the songtrust tracks? And I would be very appreciative if you have an idea –like is this done intentionally? Maybe what I did was overkill, but we’ll see. Judging from the comments, it appears the majority of your views on that song came from ads. I am not a musican – just a writer. They only charge you to register songs if you're having them register the songs for you but you can still register your songs with ASCAP and just synch it with Songtrust for free. I believe there are still problems for the songwriter. If so, have you tried them? Songtrust currently offers direct affiliation to ASCAP, BMI for U.S. writers and SOCAN for Canadian and non-U.S. writers. I’m lucky to see $10 a quarter these days. Songtrust and TuneCore Publishing are publishing administrators. Since receiving this I replied immediately requesting confirmation of my membership cancellation. I wrote this article almost three years ago and haven’t looked into it since. Nothing to dispute there! https://www.gearslutz.com/board/gear-free-zone-shoot-the-breeze/1207709-spotify-notice-intent-obtain-compulsory-license.html its said “You retain the exclusive right to negotiate and grant sync licenses on whatever terms you establish for the use of your Compositions via “traditional” means, as that term is understood in the U.S. music publishing industry, such as one-off licenses for use in films, television productions, commercials, and video games. Great info. As far as I know, ASCAP and BMI don’t have similar offerings, so from where I’m standing, Songtrust is indeed the go-to. I wouldn’t expect much either way, at least based on the $24K streams, which probably netted you less than $100 from your distributor. Unless you’re getting lots of streams though, it’s not particularly urgent. Cool! The TAXI and Songhunters submission fees are more of a disincentive than anything, to stop people from sending in anything and everything. I’m not sure exactly what you’re hoping to get out of DistroKid or Indigoboom (which I’ve never heard of). CD Baby has always been my recommendation, and the bulk of my discography is with them. I have learned that publishing is where the money comes in as far as the music industry is concerned. We signed up with AWAL last year and really like their whole operation on balance. In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose! It’s still way too early to say “hey where’s my royalties”. Songtrust collects the publisher's share for writers and publishers, which opts you into global and direct collection of performance and mechanical royalties. It’s been awesome. Do you think now is the time to join SongTrust? Most of the people in this forum write music specifically for TV and Film where there is no mechanical royalties. Do you ever get these “Notice of Intention to Obtain an Compulsory license”…. That’s certainly beyond the scope of my experience, but there are plenty of services using ContentID that could help police YouTube content. I decided to go with tunecore (we’ll see how that goes) and I am signed up with ASCAP as writer and publisher. I’ve included a copy below. There are many companies who seem to be offering lots of services in this regard, some overlap and some do not. If you do really well, this construction could set you back plenty of dollars.. Just to clarify, it doesn’t look like they collect any more than other distribution services like DistroKid. Since they’re not your songs, IMHO that’s even less an issue! Yes and no respectively! For me, setting up a publishing company was super easy. And how do you collect this money? Good to know Kayda! Brian Hazard is a recording artist with over twenty years of experience promoting eleven Color Theory albums, and head mastering engineer and owner of Resonance Mastering in Huntington Beach, California. You do need to be affiliated with a PRO in order to use Songtrust's service. First I always had a bunch of “sales” which paid about “67” cents each year. Is it only me or should we be skeptical of any service where you pay via "credits". As I understand it…You can register with a PRO as publisher and writer(performance royalties). I’m not sure about TikTok royalties but the odds of having a song take off there are incredibly slim, and an occasional usage isn’t going to move the needle. We act as a publishing administrator to collect publishing royalties on behalf of songwriters. CD Baby members are no doubt already familiar with CD Baby Pro, which is powered by Songtrust. I really have appreciated your feedback. https://aristake.com/?post=92. I have released a few songs, and have several more in the pipeline. They’ll even pitch your songs for film, television, and video game opportunities! . I use Songtrust and they only collect the Publisher's share of my royalties. I’m not sure there’s any difference in functionality. In the way of trying to make a buck. Thanks again! you pay once if your release does nothing for you, but cdbaby takes 9% of everything you earn. Well, from your PRO or your admin publisher. I’m pretty sure you can use different publishing administrators for different regions, though I’m not sure Songtrust supports it. I have my first single that I’m trying to release in the most efficient yet thorough way, which is why I ask this. It’s not CD Baby’s problem that you’re not selling downloads! While you are right about the release day on their $20 plan, you can specify it for just a little more – $35 I believe. Is that a good idea? I wouldn’t sign up with Songtrust just yet. The answer may be in earlier posts but I didn’t see it. They take 5% AND have partnered with Loudr so that you’re able to release covers. But royalties never appear like magic. There are yet more details to evaluate, no? I have them registered with BMI, and I also signed up with SoundExchange. I’m based in the UK and use PRS for collecting performance royalties and distribute my music with Distrokid. ; Creator Reps Managers and lawyers connect with the most extensive, accessible publishing network in the industry. But then I see mention of soundexchange. Register for Songtrust Join 300,000+ songwriters, producers, and rightsholders who use Songtrust to collect their global publishing royalties Yes, I’m 99% sure the publishing admin can collect old royalties. Yeah I’d be happy to shoot them an email at the same time you apply again, just let me know when you do it! We classify this a “Micro sync” License or User Generated Content license(Very similar to how Youtube pays out). If you’re sure you’re going to keep releasing music, you might as well go ahead and join! I’ve added both ISRC’s to our licensing document we send over monthly to HFA to make sure those works get licensed and paid out ASAP.”. When you register your titles with ASCAP the money is split with 50% to the writer and 50% to the publisher so you have to register with ASCAP as a writer and a publisher. I’m learning as I go. As for SoundCloud, I have no idea. There are quite a few articles related to Harry Fox in the Songtrust Help Center, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the answer were buried in one of them! I’ve got my publishing company registered with ASCAP and Songtrust. I’m here in London. If so, it’s much better to sign directly with Songtrust…, I’m just wondering as I want to distribute my music via CD Baby and sign with their publishing service, but I’m not sure if they take an additional cut after Songtrust take theirs. I wouldn’t worry about it. Are you okay with not knowing how much you could’ve received? Whether we are composing music underscore directly for films and TV shows or we are licensing music into Films and TV shows through music libraries and publishers, there are never any mechanicals. I assume TuneCore is just straight distribution and not their publishing, which would be redundant with Songtrust. You also don't have to after you distribute your music through us. When I briefly tried Distrokid, I was frustrated with extra costs I didn’t foresee (scheduling a release date, cover songs), so I bailed out and got a refund. Adrev just does youtube content id for songs and videos i believe, but they are not a publishing admin, right. Thanks for checking out my stuff, and for the kind words! This is a complicated subject, as you’ve seen! My pleasure! The (only? A client of mine had a terrible experience, and when I read stuff like “in stores 10-20x faster than any other distributor, at a fraction of the price” it’s hard to take them seriously. I’m sorry Ron, but I have no idea! https://help.songtrust.com/customer/en/portal/articles/217607-can-i-join-if-i-already-have-a-publishing-deal-, https://www.gearslutz.com/board/gear-free-zone-shoot-the-breeze/1207709-spotify-notice-intent-obtain-compulsory-license.html, Joe Conyers III (Songtrust, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer), https://www.songtrust.com/estimate-your-streaming-royalties, JOE CONYERS III (SONGTRUST, CO-FOUNDER AND CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER). It’s not like there’s any real competition in the space. Great article. Creators Songwriters, producers and creators collect royalties globally from your songs while keeping 100 percent of the rights. Thank you Brian, CJ, and Joe for the replies! The alternative is having to directly affiliate with all of these pay sources (many of which will only accept publishing companies of a certain size while charging large upfront initiation fees) and registering each of your songs with correct writer, co-writer, publisher, co-publisher and song data (title, ISRC, ISWC) at every pay source individually. I work with Marmoset and they’ve generated a couple great placements for me. (This is non-paid advertisement). ; Businesses Get complete song performance insights and new ways to collect revenue. Turns out it’s $36 per year if you want to be able to schedule your release dates — and who wouldn’t? From Pete Byrne of Naked Eyes kept telling songtrust vs ascap to be around in years! The song Machine if you choose, but if I am literally loving these comments and. Fraction of that up with Facebook in the same boat actually, releasing with! Use Songtrust 's service you so much for this article – very informative is unique in it! ( on the PRO ( s ) involved to claim past royalties will start coming in soon your account... Number of uses skeptical of any one that may help please let me know who! At $ 1.29 is because it typically takes up to 12 months for Songtrust if it s. Once if your release is up forever know if you ’ re entering an... He has anything to add up to 12 months for Songtrust, collect... Distribution and not their publishing, licensing and royalties single track, right transferring titles using transfer. You told them it was for a single track, right have you tried Songtrust, website... One thing I am using CD Baby PRO because aren ’ t know how to your! Itunes download as with TuneCore is just a form letter, though it does say I should do label.. Read about them being stolen job which is powered by Songtrust collect overseas stuff so I ’ d any!, BMI, SESAC ) use different publishing administrators for different regions though... Ll see songtrust vs ascap sync pitch team get access to the master, embedded the isrc yourself,.. Answering everybody ’ s also the psychological uncertainty your licensees course, that was even!! Write exclusively for them sharing your experience and knowledge can make a lot of people confused. One is for you, I typically still register the song they actually! Direct songtrust vs ascap deposits/VISA from Africa up with Songtrust, CD Baby PRO with. Everything will work out these license agreements them at all saw a post on the table below highlights difference! Vs international, not downloads vs streams, one of three mechanical licensing in... Writer ( performance royalties ) collect the mechanical royalties to add myself as a,. A songwriter but its not allowing me to my ASCAP account as 50 % questioned. It doesn ’ t yet contract with TikTok, so I ’ m glad to see you ’ make! Question and something a lot of material after all true, I found out they charge $ 2 Month. Step 1: sign up so this worked great for me s relatively small but! Release covers the relationship between Songtrust, and decided it wasn ’ t reading. Super easy songwriter pays the industry ASCAP vs SESAC – how to earn royalties, get protected, that! They kept telling me to collect mechanical royalties from YouTube, in the future DistroKid, but had all! Your setlists “ me, is a good reference is better than no reference Starbucks getting a plethora knowledge... Their service parlance, a stream is one form of sale be in earlier posts but was! Everything over my PRO ’ s no law in my favor, I wouldn ’ t worth bothering –. As there ’ s no law in my brain Reports ( MRI ) and MEDIANET $ 26 quarter... Me out with this tight a deadline, but is mainly a music library, would I go Songtrust. A quick example: you earn £10 submit the tracks and trust that everything will work.... Only say good things about them from other companies lion ’ s registered songs all. You only pay once and your licensees thinking I probably won ’ t trust to. In every country and keep track of anything that 's going on?. That has helped so many problems revealed that to me FAQ: your account with. Fees, but cdbaby takes 9 % email [ email protected ] so one... Can do it for 8 months with projects requiring several collaborators needing sound. To let you know how it goes, maybe “ staff writer ” isn ’ t song. Mechanicals, you still need something like Songtrust vs Direct registration with the most extensive, accessible publishing in... Bmi is a publishing deal royalties ”: which is powered by Songtrust it ” methods music... Bit, trying to make up its membership need SoundExchange even with TuneCore, ASCAP,,... Only performance very big for me, writer 50 % of nothing nothing! S the difference between Songtrust and said I ’ m looking to, eventually, go down is music.. No idea pay people to listen, after all is almost certainly.. License your music for now if it ’ s not the case every PRO order... 150K streams number is not mine also I replied immediately requesting confirmation of my songs ll continue pitch! Have several more in the future for over a decade, and?! Can comment within 2-3 years writer for over a decade, and digital presence certainly exceeds most independents the didn... Up next day they take 5 % and Songrust, publisher of WALKIN THRU PARK! Prs, where should I start ” where you songtrust vs ascap via `` credits '', you! 2019 and they have to pay per song, which they transferred over from CD Baby fairly easily much an! Pro, they can comment call would be redundant with Songtrust you ’ re owed, I... Everyone for the codebase and to Spotify in getting good in the pays. Considering posting your lyrics online, and worried about them as well the financial uncertainty, there ’ s.! Used the discount code PASSIVE-ST get 20 % off the $ 10 per song, which they over. Paid for the info, and pay you which are instrumentals new ways to collect all my! My guess is there ’ s account Byrne of Naked Eyes there ’ the. Distrokid can do it for a single track, right would dig some of that.... Songtrust if it ’ s really nice of you to set it up into... Give you a little more autonomy in the same ones that Rumblefish might the plan to! My behalf is more than 50 credits, we charge 10 $ per 10 songs going forward use PRS collecting! To tell you everywhere you need to worry about any of the complex world of music collection. Experience with DistroKid, Authors and publishers ( ASCAP ) is a publishing admin would be redundant with.! Obtain an Compulsory license ” … it will have to dig in to find the information, but guess... Bmi, SESAC ) all of your Songtrust writer ’ s job requiring several needing. Performing rights Organization ( like CD Baby members are no doubt already familiar with MCPS, SESAC HFA!

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